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"In Less then 2 Hours You Can Quickly

and Easily Stop Smoking Without

  Cravings, Anxiety or Weight Gain.
Without any negative side effects!"


The program works for cigarettes, cigars, chewing

 tobacco, snuff and marijuana.


What makes this method so successful is that it addresses the three parts of smoking:


The physical addiction

The psychological habit

The emotional self-image


You have tried to stop smoking, haven't you?


Perhaps you have tried the "nicotine patches", the "nicotine gum", the "inhalers" or the pills. Have you read any books? You may have tried counseling, or group programs.maybe you attempted to tough it out and go "cold turkey".  


When you tried to quit, didn't it feel like there was

 a battle going on inside of you?


One part of you.knows you should stop smoking for your health and survival.while another part of you...simply won't let you!


Because the subconscious is stronger than the conscious, you felt like a battle was raging inside of you. Perhaps you felt anxiety, irritability, anger, rage, hatred, depression, sadness, a feeling of loss, or a sense of being out of control.


Perhaps you began to eat everything in sight. Because those feelings were so uncomfortable you went back to smoking. Didn't you?


The part of you that wouldn't let you stop smoking is your unconscious mind. You can't change your unconscious by force of will. You need help. The right kind of help.  


Let's learn about the benefits and power

of your unconscious mind.



People who meditate have been found to alter Alpha/Theta brain frequency according to their depth of meditation, reports Japan's leading Neuro-physiologist, Dr. Tomb Hirai.


He has correlated brain-wave patterns with certain stages of meditation. And according to Dr. Hirai, "Meditation is not merely a state between mental stability and sleep, but a condition in which the mind operates at the optimum. In this condition the person is relaxed but ready to accept and respond positively to any stimulus that may reach them."


Research now confirms that brainwave rhythms correspond to certain states of consciousness, and this suggests that individuals capable of altering their brainwave patterns can have significant control over other mental and physiological functioning.


As Elmer and Alice Green of the famous Menninger Institute first reported in the mid-70's, "...simply causing your brain to generate theta activity for a few minutes each day seems to have enormous benefits, including boosting the immune system, enhancing creativity, and triggering integrative experiences leading to feelings of psychological well-being."


Even more astonishing are the findings of a study conducted on a group of chronic alcoholics at a University in Colorado. After 13 weeks the group that learned to generate theta and alpha brainwaves, showed a far greater recovery rate, and a complete transformation of personality.


Biofeedback researchers have found that people who enter the "theta state," expand their states of consciousness, acquire super-receptivity to new information, and demonstrate a greater ability to "re-script" material on a subconscious level.





By now, you understand some of the possibilities that one may achieve by entering this state of mind.


To achieve these results, and much much more, Jarret has helped smokers to quit their smoking habits, once and for all.

Jarret practices as a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Motivational Coach in his Toronto office.


Hypnosis creates a powerful re-patterning in the subconscious mind. Hypnotic suggestions modify your subconscious programming.making it easy and effortless for anyone to stop smoking.


The suggestions go right to the heart of the smoking habit eliminating it once and for all.


You break your habit of you don't even think about smoking, when you are having a cup of coffee, taking a break, talking on the phone, driving your car, after a meal, after sex.and during all the other routine times.


The suggestions break the mental connection between the behaviors and you will not even think about smoking.


Hypnosis helps eliminate the cravings.and smoothes the rough emotional edges.and helps you quit without gaining weight or feeling anxious.


The suggestions change a smoker's self-image on a core level. You'll no longer think of yourself as a'll start to think of yourself as a non-smoker.


Non-smokers don't purchase tobacco, nor do they smoke. Non-smokers don't touch cigarettes. They don't want anything to do with smoking.


Hypnosis helps to sooth your senses and relaxes your nerves. The suggestions encourage you and motivate you to eat you don't gain weight.

The suggestions encourage you to exercise. They aid in the healing process your body goes through after all those years of smoking. The program even teaches your body how to unconsciously relax any time you encounter stress in your life.

Smokers! Just sit back.close your eyes.and listen. A few short minutes later you'll happily end your love affair with cigarettes-- forever.

The program works for cigarettes, cigars,

 chewing tobacco, snuff or marijuana.

This is your opportunity to change for the better and start to live a clean, fresh, healthy life.

You'll save thousands of dollars each year. Imagine spending it, in whatever way you want. Do it for your children...for your family...for your friends...above all do it for yourself, now.


It's an easy decision to make. you have everything to gain  - better health, more energy, improved finances, and a successful life.


Call now and book your appointment today.





Jarret Kray C.Ht.


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